Gramse Pharmaceuticals

75 Years of Health and Wellness

Magister Walter Gramse - one of the first pharmacists in Israel- founded Gramse Pharmaceuticals in 1938, after emigrating from Hamburg Germany to Kfar-Shmarayu Israel. Ever since Gramse has become one of the most experienced, professional and reputed company in the pharmaceutical and dietary supplements category in Israel.
Gramse markets quality products to the public, health seek funds, health institutions, therapist, drug stores and to the private market. 
Gramse products line- which includes a variety of natural supplements and pharmaceuticals - meets the strictest standards in terms of quality and safety.

Efficiency leads to better Health

Every year, Gramse is expanding its products range. Gramse Pharmaceuticals maintains a strong research and development department with high international standards. 
All products marketed by Gramse are carefully chosen in order to meet the highest quality.  Gramse created the GRMASE QUALITY MARK, which sets the quality standard according to which all Gramse Products should stand. The products are designated to men, women and children alike.
The company values are integrity, transparence, along with close relations to the end users. Our strategy is developing a line of liquid product, as we strongly believe that they are better in terms of higher absorption and better taste. Therefore, most Gramse products are based on liquid formula, which greatly enhance the rate of absorption of the active ingredients into the body and make it easier for customers who have difficulty-swallowing pills to consume Gramse’s high quality products.

High operational standards

As a leading company in the market, Gramse put much efforts and resources for education and updating its professional team.
1. Field Guidance
Guidance team of specialists and medical representatives are visiting doctors, therapists, private customers, and clinics on a daily basis. Gramse initiates seminars and professional conferences. 

2. Call Center Assistance
Gramse offers a customer service and call center manned by naturopathic experts and specialists. In addition, Gramse is always available on various different web forums and conventions. 
For more information regarding our products and their indications please do not hesitate to contact us through the customer service dialing 
1-800-366-777 (or +972544236933) and by email (info@gramse.com). 

3. Professional Information
For enriching and expanding knowledge, Gramse offers its clients a library of articles, studies and updated literature on topics related to our activities.

4. Loyalty Program
Gramse customers club, with thousands of members, provides current updates on the products of the company and on new products, new arrivals and special promotions.  Gramse is distributing periodical newsletter to thousands of subscribers with valuable information on the products and about Gramse’s activity. 

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