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Quality Mark

GRAMSE Quality Mark

Gramse Pharmaceuticals LTD. Import to Israel unique Vitamins, Food supplements and OTC for over 75 years, for improving the quality of life for its customers. 

The Standards that Gramse set for herself are reflected in three criteria: 
Professionalism, Reliability and Product quality.

• Gramse selects its products from leading companies in their fields. We make sure to bring proven products, backed by scientific research and ensure the efficiency and safety.
• The marketing department of Gramse is conducted by qualified Naturopaths. We provide professional training for doctors and therapists, with an emphasis on education for maintaining a healthy lifestyle.
• Available to our clients is a telephone service that provides a professional advice. Any questions about our products, methods of using or medical indications will receive an immediate reply.

• Gramse conducts laboratory control tests for all of her products. The propose of these strict tests is to ensure that the product´s content is compatible to the label, as well as to confirm the stability of the formula and the safety in use.

Product quality
•The quality of the products is reflected in:
- Rapid absorption
- Maximum efficiency - gives optimum results in a short time
- Comprehensive holistic effect
- Using natural ingredients
- Perfect fit for the target consumers
- Production controlled by official standards

These standards allow us to provide you, the customer, a product suitable for your needs that meets your expectations, backed by professional and attentive service.

At your service with any questions: toll free number 1-800-366-777 

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